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RR Prosecco

Welcome to the world of "Persecco for Immunity" – a unique creation brought to you by the renowned steel guitar virtuoso Robert Randolph. This exclusive Prosecco, affectionately named "Persecco," is more than just a fizzy white wine; it's an Italian-born elixir with antioxidant benefits designed to elevate your moments, whether sipped at breakfast or savored at bedtime.

Robert Randolph, celebrated for his mastery of the pedal steel guitar, extends his artistry, delivering a beverage that harmonizes taste and well-being. 


In collaboration with Paul Cullen of Paul Cullen Wines, this venture is a symphony of expertise. Paul, an L2 WSET Sommelier, and importer, brings a wealth of knowledge and curated relationships with some of the most

esteemed wineries across various regions of Italy. Together, Paul Cullen

and Robert Randolph unite their passion for music and wine, creating an unforgettable experience in every bottle.

Discover the magic of "Persecco for Immunity," where artistry meets

viticulture, and every sip is a celebration of life's symphony.

Cheers to a harmonious blend of melody and flavor!

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